Immortalize Life’s Special Gifts Through Stunning Photography

Sharing special moments, loving memories, and thoughtful stories with family and friends is what life’s all about! And by capturing these moments through photography, you can continue sharing your story for generations to come. No matter the feelings you wish to evoke or the history you wish to preserve, Charisa Studios can help you achieve your goals through our professional photography services. If interested in scheduling a photo shoot, call 309-363-8127 or email causfahl@charisastudios.com.

Family photo session in rural Illinois.

Family Photos

Capturing moments of love and affection between family members is something we cherish when providing family photography services. Seizing those seemingly mundane, everyday moments and transforming them into beautiful narrative keepsakes is what drives Charisa’s passion for photography. Whether it’s a shared giggle between siblings, a tender glance between parents, or the joy of a family gathering, Charisa Studios can encapsulate these memories in beautiful, detailed, high-definition stills.

Wedding Photography

I enjoy being a second shooter on your special day. I love capturing all the behind the scenes stories. Please contact me if you are interested in having me work with your primary wedding photographer.


Charisa Studios specializes in western photography sessions for girls, boys, seniors and families.
Charisa Studios - Newborn and mother photography session.

Engagement Photos

Step right into the magical realm of engagement photography with Charisa Studios. This is your opportunity to capture the essence of your love story and the promise of a beautiful future together. Allow Charisa to create a visual symphony of your love, encapsulating the tender moments, the laughter, and the joyous anticipation of your journey toward marital bliss. It’s not just about taking photos; it’s about painting your unique love story with a palette of tender moments and magical memories.

Senior Pictures

Senior pictures celebrate your student’s unique story, commemorating an unforgettable chapter in their life and a heartwarming token of transition into the thrilling world beyond high school. Charisa aims to capture your spirit, spark, and individuality through her lens in photos that will become keepsakes for generations. Create timeless mementos that capture high school graduates’ growth, passion, and excitement with Charisa Studios!

Charisa Studios has expertise photography children with special needs.
Charisa Studios - Newborn and mother photography session.

Kids Photography

Having a degree in Elementary Education and being a mother of five makes Charisa uniquely experienced in directing and managing kids photography. Charisa Studios captures those spontaneous moments of joy, curiosity, and boundless energy that define childhood. Whether hosting a photo shoot for infants, toddlers, elementary school, or any other age, Charisa creates a fun-filled atmosphere that allows your children’s true personalities to shine and be captured in breathtaking portraits.

Maternity Photos

Capture those magical moments of motherhood with Charisa Studios’ special maternity photo sessions. We believe in celebrating the beautiful journey of expecting a baby – the glow, the anticipation, and the love that blooms! Our aim is to create something uniquely yours, a timeless keepsake that you can look back on long after your little one has entered the world. It’s not just photos; it’s the love for your child, immortalized!

Charisa Studios has expertise photography children with special needs.
Charisa Studios - Newborn and mother photography session.

Headshots and Portraits

Whether you need a professional headshot for a resume or want a portrait for yourself and loved ones, Charisa Studios can provide you with the perfect pictures! From business professionals to aspiring actors, Charisa has helped countless individuals create the perfect headshots and portraits. We work with a wide array of clientele, ensuring each shot is as unique as the individual it represents. Perfectly express your personality through beautiful headshots and portraits from Charisa Studios!





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