Senior Portraits

Let’s talk about Senior Pictures. They’re important. Like, really important. Whether you get them solo or with your tribe, you should get them. Highschool seniors are trending toward super fiscally responsible these days, and I stand and applaud this movement. As a parent of 5, believe me, we are on the same page. But I have a few things I’d like you to consider:

1) Your senior pictures are for your parents as well. We are prouder than you can imagine. And while we are excited about your future, we are mourning losing our “babies.” Give us pictures to hang on to and show off to our friends.
2) I know you don’t believe me, but you really will appreciate having these to look back on years down the road. 
3) This is an opportunity to get some professional headshots during your shoot. Those will be crucial as you job search and apply for internships. You’ll have a leg up in professional networking with a good first impression.
4) For the fiscally conscientious seniors, I offer several different packages to match your budget. One size does not fit all. Be sure to communicate what exactly you need from your images. I understand this is an investment in your future.
5) Last, but maybe most importantly, we will HAVE FUN during your session. I will make you feel relaxed and comfortable- someone you can genuinely have fun with during your appointment. Because those always make the very best images.

Contact me to discuss what is a good fit for your family and for a customized quote.





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